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Queensland's Frenectomy Clinic for Lip and Tongue Tied Procedures

If you are having trouble feeding your newborn, we may be able to help see if tongue-tied or lip-tied affects you and your baby.

The Team at DentalCareXtra care for new borns, children and adults in our Marian and Moranbah Practices from across the entire Isaac and Mackay region also covering Rockhampton and Townsville.  

Symptoms such as...

  • Poor latch/inability to latch, sliding off the nipple
  • Fatigue during feeds, clicking during a feed, poor weight gain
  • Nipple/breast infections, maternal nipple pain/damage
  • Digestive issues (increased gassiness and reflux due to extra air being swallowed)
  • Problems with baby bottle feeding

... may be related to your infant having a restricted frenum, commonly known as a lip and tongue tied, which occurs in approximately 5% of newborns.

´ Symptoms affect feeding and digestion
´ A simple frenectomy can fix the problem
´ Come in to see us for an assessment

A fraenum (or frenulum) is a small fold of tissue that checks or limits the movements of an organ part. Lip and Tongue tied procedures are a commonly undertaken to help all the family.

Tongue tied is the restricted mobility of the tongue resulting from a tight frenulum and an upper lip-tied is where frenulum under the baby's upper lip is very short or thick and is pinned too tightly to the upper gum.

At DentalCareXtra, we are able to perform a procedure called a frenectomy which help to improve your baby's lip and/or tongue mobility and functionality and allow them to properly latch on and draw milk from the breast.

The procedure is done in-office, doesn't require any sedation during early infancy and is therefore less traumatic and non-memorable for your child.

We love to see infants and families in our clinic, and we will do our very best to fit you in as quickly as possible.

Call us to book in for a consultation for frenectomy of the lip or tongue tie. 

We are able to undertake your lip and tongue tied treatment in our Mackay practice based in Marian.   Here we are able to take total care of you and your baby.

Dr Hany has been treating tongue-tie and lip-tie in adults, children and infants using laser surgery for over 7 years. Dr Hany is one of very few providers of laser surgery in Australia who performs tongue-tie surgery in infants. Due to the unique skill, it has been a huge increase in demand from lactation consultants and parents for such a service.

Here are some Frequenty Asked Questions that may help

Q. How can I tell if my infant has a tongue or lip tie?
A. Commonly diagnosed by Lactiation Consultatnt who are experience in this area. Addition to the symptoms of nipple pain and damage, loss of suction on the nipple (and subsequent air-intake, leading to gassiness), poor breast milk intake and clicking sounds, you may notice that your baby's tongue cannot protrude beyond his or her lips.Other indications are: if the tongue cannot be moved sideways; the tongue tip is notched or heart-shaped; or if when the tongue is extended, the tongue tip may look flat or square instead of pointed. In older children and adolescents, an upper lip-tie can be associated with a gap between the front teeth.


                Tongue Tie                                    Lip Tie

Q. How is the procedure performed?
A. Small incision with scissors is made under your baby's tongue where it connects to the floor of the mouth. Laser Light energy is used to incise tissue, Laser has a distinct advantage such as precesion, control of bleeding, bactericidal (kills bacteria as it ablates), reduces oedema, swelling and inflammation and therefore allows for better healing. The frenulum is not well supplied with nerves or blood, therefore the procedure causes only slight pain and little bleeding. We find that babies show minor distress at being held firmly for the procedure rather than the procedure itself. Nursing or feeding immediately afterwards, made easier by improved tongue extension, is the best way to soothe your child. Infants response to procedure in different ways such as screaming and put on a show, or become limp and sleepy due to exhaustion.

Q. What is the follow up/aftercare?
A. There will be a small white diamond-shaped mark from the procedure, which should heal within two weeks. Lactation consultant if needed may recommend a gentle massaging or other exercises. We undertake the aftercare follow up consultation for tounge tied Mackay region patients.

Q. Will you use any local anaesthetic? Can this be done on older babies?
A. For newborns, anaesthetic is not necessary. Babies over 5 months old may require treatment under general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the tongue or lip tied.

Q. Is there a chance of complications or that the frenum will re-attach?
A. Possible complications of the procedure are bleeding or infection, but the incidence of these occurring are extremely rare, as is re-attachment.

Q. What other positives are there to having frenectomy?
A. Some children with tongue-tie are messy eaters due to a restricted ability to tidy up inside and outside of their mouths while they are having a meal. Dental cavities can occur due to food debris not being removed by the tongue's action of sweeping the teeth and spreading saliva. It is unclear as to whether tongue-tied affects speech development, however health issues alone justify treatment.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact usWe are able to look after your lip and tounge tied child in Mackay and surrouning areas (including Moranbah and the wider Isaac Region, Rockhampton and Townsville)

Call us to book in for a consultation for your Lip and Tounge Tied procedure.

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