Are you sleeping well?

The importance of sleep can't be over-emphasised. It helps in physical rest and mental consolidation, and lack of it may be reflected in either physical health or mental health or both.

It's also important to know that not only does the quantity (number of hours) of sleep matter but also the quality of it. How well did you sleep?

Sleep disturbance or interruptions maybe caused due to external factors such as awkward timings of sleep (night shifts/parent of young children), snoring partners, alcohol consumption, smoking, caffeine or excessive food at night or due anxiety and stress.

Snoring has been identified as an important reason for improper sleep and poor quality of sleep. Snoring is known to be identified in over 40% of the adult population, of which about 20% have known to be associated with a more serious life threatening disorder known as Sleep Apnoea

Some bodily factors like snoring and improper breathing during sleep also affect the quality of sleep.

Disturbed sleep could cause moodiness, daytime irritability and sleepiness, unexplained headaches and un-refreshed sleep. It has also been proven to be strongly associated with systemic problems like hypertension, diabetes mellitus and serious cognitive issues.

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